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Cultivating Lifelong Learners: The Curriculum at SRCS Patna, a Top School in Patna

At SRCS Patna, recognized as one of the top schools in Patna, we believe in nurturing a love for learning and empowering students to become well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

A Holistic Approach:

Our curriculum goes beyond rote learning and standardized tests. We focus on fostering critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and a thirst for knowledge. This holistic approach is a hallmark of what makes SRCS Patna a top school in Patna.

Core Subjects with Depth:

We offer a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes a strong foundation in core subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, and Social Studies. Our experienced and qualified faculty use innovative teaching methods to make learning engaging and interactive. As a top school in Patna, we ensure our students are well-equipped for success in board exams and beyond.

Beyond the Classroom:

The curriculum extends beyond traditional subjects. We offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities like sports, performing arts, clubs, and community service initiatives. This allows students to explore their talents, develop social skills, and discover their passions. This commitment to well-rounded development is a key strength of a top school in Patna like SRCS Patna.

Catering to Diverse Needs:

We recognize that every student learns differently. Our curriculum is designed to cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. We offer differentiated instruction, personalized learning plans, and additional support for students who need it. This ensures that all students at our top school in Patna can reach their full potential.

Technology Integration:

We integrate technology effectively into the curriculum. This allows for interactive learning experiences, access to a wealth of information, and the development of digital literacy skills – essential for success in today's world. As a leading top school in Patna, we believe in preparing students for the future.

Continuous Improvement:

Our curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect best practices and address the evolving needs of our students. We actively seek feedback from parents, faculty, and students to ensure a curriculum that remains relevant, engaging, and effective.

Investing in Your Child's Future:

By choosing SRCS Patna, you are choosing a school with a curriculum designed to nurture a love for learning, develop critical thinking skills, and prepare students for success in academics and life.

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The Shri Ram Centennial curriculum has been developed by experts to encompass the NCERT objectives through enlightened Centennial practices. We believe that the play-centric model is a key in a young child’s learning. Spontaneous play is a natural way of learning for young children; as it provides a wide range and real depth of learning in various development areas: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. We also emphasize on learning through spontaneous investigation (observation, experimentation, and inquiry). Children are natural scientists. They devote their endless amount of energy to learning all aspects of the culture they are born into- including language, stories, music, and literature; they investigate with all their senses and emerging skills what people mean, when things are appropriate and when they are not, where things come from, what they are for, how they are made, and how adults and peers respond to them. They try to make sense of common objects by prying into them, taking them apart, and manipulating them in a variety of ways. Appropriate curriculum and teaching methods at the Shri Ram Centennial, includes activities and encouragement for kindergartners in these quests and feature the importance of individual children’s feelings and emotions in group settings. Shri Ram Centennial has a curriculum that involves a variety and balance of activities that can be provided in the context of project work. Children undertake projects in which they investigate a real event or object. In the course of such projects, the children strengthen literacy and numeracy skills and also speaking and listening skills and acquire new words as they share their findings with others, reflecting our emphasis on developing communication skills.

The Curriculum provides activities that include:

  1. Integrated topic studies, rather than whole-group instruction in isolated skills.
  2. Opportunities for children to learn by observing and experimenting with real objects.
  3. A balance of child- and teacher-initiated activities.
  4. Opportunities for spontaneous play and teacher-facilitated activities.
  5. Group projects in which cooperation can occur naturally.
  6. A range of activities requiring the use of large and small muscles.
  7. Exposure to good literature and music of the children’s own cultures and of other cultures represented in the class.
  8. Authentic assessment of each child’s developmental progress.
  9. Opportunities for children with diverse backgrounds and developmental levels to participate in whole-group activities.
  10. Time for individuals or small groups of children to meet with the teacher for specific help in acquiring basic reading, writing, mathematical, and other skills as needed.