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Our Founder


SHRI RAM EDUCATION TRUST has been founded with a vision to create, promote, support and manage educational institutes from pre-school to university level. The Trust also envisions contributing to the well being of children, the environment, communities and mankind through well planned activities.

The SHRI RAM GROUP enjoys a celebrated presence worldwide. Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, founded in 1946 and Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University founded in 1956 epitomize the vision and mission of the group with continued delivery of excellent quality and highest standards in higher education. SRET’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of children and society at large, through its planning, policies, programs and their implementation of its motivated work force. The legacy of late Shri Ram’s commitment to the cause of education will be carried forward which is reflected in his own words: “Education is the key which will   unlock India’s great potential as an industrial nation”. Hence the Trust has opened world class schools across India and is fast approaching its goal of the school expansion program in India and abroad. The schools are called Shri Ram Global Schools and Shri Ram Centennial schools to commemorate the completion of a century of presence in education. Visualizing the pressing need of quality education in India, both in schools and college segments, the SRET team is stretching its creative prowess in its expansion projects across India and abroad.