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Investing in Your Child's Future: Fee Structure at SRCS Patna, the Best School in Patna for Pre-Primary

Choosing the best school in Patna for your child's pre-primary education is a significant decision. At SRCS Patna, we understand that affordability is a key factor in this process. We are committed to providing a high-quality education while ensuring our fees are transparent and competitive.

Understanding the Fee Structure at SRCS Patna

Here's a breakdown of the fee structure for our pre-primary program at SRCS Patna, recognized as one of the best schools in Patna:

  • Admission Fee: A one-time admission fee is applicable upon enrollment.
  • Tuition Fee: The tuition fee is charged per term and covers the cost of instruction, learning materials, and access to school facilities.
  • Annual Charges: A nominal annual charge covers administrative expenses and extracurricular activities.
  • Optional Charges: Transportation and meals are offered as optional services for an additional fee.

Transparency and Value

We believe in transparent communication regarding our fees. Detailed information about the specific costs associated with each component is available on our website at or by contacting the school admissions office.

Beyond the Fees: Investing in Your Child's Future

While the fee structure is an important consideration, the true value lies in the exceptional pre-primary experience SRCS Patna offers. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Play-Based Learning: Our curriculum emphasizes the power of play, fostering a love of learning through engaging activities that stimulate cognitive development, social skills, and physical coordination.
  • Nurturing Environment: Our warm and welcoming classrooms provide a safe space where young minds can flourish. Experienced and dedicated teachers create positive learning experiences that guide children on their educational journey.
  • Holistic Development: We go beyond academics, fostering holistic development through activities that encourage language development, fine motor skills, social interaction, emotional intelligence, and creative expression.

A Wise Investment

Choosing SRCS Patna for your child's pre-primary education is an investment in their future. Our program equips them with the necessary skills and confidence to thrive academically and socially. We believe the value of the education we provide goes beyond the fee structure.

Ready to learn more about the best school in Patna for pre-primary education and explore our fee structure? Visit our website at or contact the school admissions office to schedule a visit.

Fee Structure - Pre-Primary



Registration Fee

Rs 1,000/-

(One thousand only)

Admission Fee

(Onetime Non-Refundable)

Rs 18,000/-

(Eighteen thousand only)

Annual Charges

(Every Year)

Rs 7,500/-

(Seven Thousand Five Hundred only)

Education Fee


Rs. 3,100/-

(Three Thousand One hundred only)

Total Amount Paid

(At The Time of Admission)

Rs 25,500/-

(Twenty Five Thousand Five Hundred Only)




Minimum Age as on 31st March 2024

3 years

4 years

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