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Demystifying the Investment: Fee Structure for Senior Secondary (11th and 12th) Education at SRCS Patna, the Best School in Patna

Equipping your child for success in senior secondary (11th and 12th) education is a crucial step in their academic journey. Choosing the best school in Patna for this critical stage can significantly impact their college preparedness and future prospects. At SRCS Patna, consistently ranked among the best schools in Patna, we understand the importance of transparent and competitive fees while offering a world-class senior secondary (11th and 12th) education program.

Understanding Our Fee Structure for senior secondary (11th and 12th) Education

Here's a breakdown of the fee structure for our esteemed senior secondary (11th and 12th) education program:

  • Admission Fee: A one-time admission fee applies upon enrollment.
  • Tuition Fee: The tuition fee, charged per term, covers the cost of instruction by highly qualified faculty, access to advanced learning materials, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, including well-equipped labs and libraries. It encompasses the diverse range of elective subjects offered for stream selection (Science, Commerce, Arts).
  • Annual Charges: A nominal annual charge covers administrative expenses and provides access to a plethora of co-curricular activities and career guidance programs, all essential aspects of a well-rounded education at the best school in Patna.
  • Optional Charges: Transportation and meal services are offered for an additional fee, ensuring convenience for students and parents.

Transparency and Value

We believe in open communication regarding our fees. Detailed information about specific costs associated with each component is readily available on our website at or by contacting the school admissions office.

Looking Beyond the Fees: Investing in Your Child's Future

While the fee structure is an important factor, the true value lies in the exceptional senior secondary (11th and 12th) education experience offered at SRCS Patna, the best school in Patna. Here's why choosing us is a wise investment:

  • Experienced Faculty and Stream Options: Our highly qualified and experienced faculty provide personalized attention and guidance to students, ensuring they excel in their chosen stream (Science, Commerce, Arts). This focus on individual needs is a hallmark of the best school in Patna.
  • Focus on College Readiness: Our curriculum goes beyond preparing students for board exams. We equip them for competitive college entrance examinations and offer guidance and support throughout the application process, ensuring a seamless transition to higher education. This focus on college readiness is a major advantage offered by the best school in Patna.
  • Holistic Development: We go beyond academics, nurturing the whole individual. A range of co-curricular activities, including sports, clubs, and debate societies, equips students with essential life skills and helps them discover their passions. This commitment to holistic development is a defining characteristic of the best school in Patna.

A Wise Investment in a Bright Future

Choosing SRCS Patna for your child's senior secondary (11th and 12th) education is an investment in their future. Our program equips them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to excel in competitive exams, gain admission to their dream colleges, and thrive in life beyond academics. We believe that the value we provide extends far beyond the fee structure.

Ready to explore the fee structure for senior secondary (11th and 12th) education at the best school in Patna and learn more about our program? Visit our website at or contact the school admissions office to schedule a visit.

Fee Structure - Senior Secondary



Registration Fee


(One Thousand only)

Admission Fee

(Onetime Non-Refundable)

Rs 10,000/-

(Ten Thousand only)

Annual Charges

(Every Year)

Rs 15,000/-

(Fifteen Thousand only)






Education Fee


Rs. 6,600/-

(Six Thousand & Six hundred only)

Rs 6,200/-Month

(Six Thousand & Two hundred only)

Transport Fee


Rs. 3,800/-

(Three thousand Eight Hundred only)

Id Card/ Photographs

Id Cards (2 years)

Photographs (2 years)

300x2 = 600/-

300x2 = 600/-

Total Amount Paid

(At The Time of Admission)

Rs 25,000/- + 1200/- = 26,200/-

(Twenty-Six Thousand & Two Hundred Only)

Worksheet & Study Material

3000x2 = 6000

(Six Thousand Only)

To be paid within the first quarter.

List of Documents required at the time of admission: -

(1) Aadhaar Card of student, Mother& Father (Xerox)

(2) Student Birth Certificate (Xerox)

(3) Passport Size Photo: - Student – 4, Mother – 2, Father – 2

(4) Transfer Certificate (Original)

(5) Migration Certificate (Original)

(6) Marksheet (Xerox copy)

(7) Present Address Proof (Xerox)


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