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Hobbies & Cultural Activities

Our activities begin straight away from the Morning Assembly. Children conduct assemblies often including news reading, thought for the day, special songs, hymns and dances. During Special Assemblies there are readings and enactments as well. Parents are often invited to our  special assemblies.

We have various clubs and societies i.e. Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Elocution Society, Dance & Music Club, Art & Craft Club, Creative Writing Club, Nature and Environment Club, to cater to the various interests of children.

Children are taken for short educational and recreational trips.

The children of Nursery and K.G. have daily classroom activities for example “Aaj ki taza khabar” , Circle activites, Colouring , Collage making, Clay Art, Finger Printing, Story Telling through puppets etc.

The indoor and outdoor activities include sand play, water play, tennis, basketball, badminton, table tennis, swimming etc.

We also have an Annual and Sports day.